Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About The Kidz Club

1. What is a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Facility (PPEC)?

A Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Facility or PPEC is a unique facility/system created to care for children who are medically fragile. The basic concept was spawned from the ADA federal regulations. These regulations were created to assure that the handicapped population of the United States receives the same opportunities as the typical population.

A PPEC is a non-residential, day treatment care option for children who are medically fragile. The PPEC regulations were set to describe the minimum standards, staff and facility features required to care for children with special needs. The possibilities on how to actually achieve this are great.

The Kidz Club’s PPEC program gives all children enrolled the same opportunities for education, creativity, and fun. Children are in their developmentally appropriate classrooms together. They sing, eat and play together. The Kidz Club has given this special population and their families what they asked for, the most normal enjoyable environment for the care of their children.

2. Does the parent or family pay for the nursing care at The Kidz Club?

The Kidz Club services are covered by insurance.

3. Kentucky’s involvement in Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care

In 1989 the state of Kentucky adopted regulations for the Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) program. Kentucky was one of three states in the country to do so. The government leaders at that time understood the value of this new type of program. The PPEC program mirrored the goals of the federal ADA program and the desires of all involved in the field of caring for children who are medically fragile. The PPEC program is designed to give children who are medically fragile quality medical care in the least restrictive environment possible.

The Kidz Club is the first health care company to establish a PPEC center in Kentucky. The red tape and resistance encountered when asking for state backing almost stopped the process on many occasions. However, with the help of some forward thinking governmental agencies, perseverance on the part of founder Lee Zimmerman and the strong belief by many that this was the right approach, the first Kentucky Kidz Club was opened on November 11, 1999. Since it’s inception we have helped over 200 families. Many of The Kidz Club children have graduated to regular public school programs. The families have been able to achieve a more independent life style, relying less on government assistance. The medical progress of a large number of The Kidz Club children has exceeded both the doctors and families expectations. Our experience has proven that children will achieve more when receiving consistent care, continuous therapy follow-up and when exposed to simple peer pressure.

The Kidz Club PPEC provides all services required by the regulations and more. The Kidz Club provides the children an opportunity to live a more “normal” life with desirable interaction with other children while receiving quality medical attention. The families of the children get support, education and advocacy.

4. We allow all Kidz to be Kids!

Our mission: To provide the highest quality nursing care in a loving and safe child care setting.

Our vision: The Kidz Club is a service company dedicated to the highest quality daycare and professional health care services for children who are medically fragile. We maintain a safe, friendly, fair, creative and fun work environment that respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.

The goal of The Kidz Club is to promote a safe environment which “lets Kidz be kids,” encourages independence, peer interaction and new experiences at each stage of the child’s development in an inclusive, least restrictive environment.

The Kidz Club is a PPEC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care) facility. The children we serve receive ongoing medical treatment, constant assessment/evaluation and supervision while being included in a stimulating social and educational daycare program. Our experience has shown this revolutionary alternative to home or institutional care provides the children who are medically fragile a happier, more normal day spent with other children and allows the parents to return to other activities.

5. Who will monitor my child’s medical condition?

If your child is enrolled in The Kidz Club program they will always be with a medically trained staff member.

6. What are the hours of operation?

The typical hours of operation for the centers are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday through Friday. Our Erlanger location’s hours are 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

However, The Kidz Club strives to accommodate all of the families we serve. Since January of 2012, the Preston Highway and Neighborhood House centers are open on Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. If your drop-off or pick-up times are before or after the posted times, please let us know. We will help if it’s possible.

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