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The Kidz Club provides safe, caring treatment

Come visit The Kidz Club in your area – you’ll quickly see how we’re different. We’re so much more than a day care. We’ve carefully created a health care program to meet the needs of children who are medically complex and the needs of their families. We design every center around the kids with special needs and their treatment.

Why we’re different

At The Kidz Club, our program starts with well-considered design. Each facility is bright, clean, roomy and fun! Kids immediately feel they’re in a safe, calm and caring place because of the colors we use and the wide open spaces carefully planned to be cheery and inviting.

They arrive, store their jackets in their own cubby and they’re off! They say “hello” to their nurses, their teachers and most importantly – their friends! Happy interaction with kids their own age means they can spend time learning social skills – all while their medical needs are being carefully monitored and treated.

Our locations

The Kidz Club • Bowling Green

1347 Kentucky Hwy 185, Suite 2
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone: (270) 746-0333
Fax: (270) 793-9585

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The Kidz Club • Dixie

1517 Gagel Avenue
Louisville, KY 40216
Phone: (502) 409-5316
Fax: (502) 327-5098

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The Kidz Club • Erlanger

527 Watson Road
Erlanger, KY 41018
Phone: (859) 727-0700
Fax: (859) 727-0800

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The Kidz Club • Lexington

2200 Regency Road
Lexington, KY 40503
Phone: (859) 224-0799
Fax: (859) 224-0674

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The Kidz Club • Portland

225 N. 25th Street
Lousiville, KY 40212
Phone: (502) 365-2426
Fax: (502) 365-2429

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The Kidz Club • Preston

7140 Preston Highway
Lousiville, KY 40219
Phone: (502) 368-9318
Fax: (502) 368-9557

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