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Let’s Visit The Kidz Club Dixie Center

Welcome to The Kidz Club Dixie Center!

I’m – I’m Whitney Spriggs the Site Director of Nursing here at The Kidz Club Dixie Center on Gagel Avenue. It’s our newest Center! We’re here to help your child and your family while we carefully follow the doctor’s medical care plan. We invite you to come visit us and see how The Kidz Club Dixie Center might help your child.

Our Location is easy to find

We’re located at 1517 Gagel Avenue in Louisville. We’re two blocks east of Dixie Highway, just south of the Watterson I-264 exit and we are conveniently located for folks who live and work in the Dixie Highway area. Want to see how to come visit? Just enter your address in the box on the right under our map and click the button. A route map will pop up and show you the best way to come meet us!

Here’s the latest news about The Kidz Club Dixie Center in Louisville

Click on the small newsletter on the left – it’s the latest newsletter from our center. When it pops up on your computer, you can print a copy and see what we’ve been up to!


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