We work hard every day to make kids’ lives better

The Kidz Club began with a dream to make children’s lives better

Every success in life starts with a dream – and a dream becomes real through a lot of hard work. The Kidz Club is no exception. In order to realize our dream of being one of the best Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) programs in America, we had to build a great team of caring providers, design and build incredible centers and think of everything our children will need every day.

The Kidz Club has grown over the years because of everyone’s effort. We have six Kidz Club centers in two states, and we keep moving forward every day. Everyone works hard to provide outstanding medical and social care for our kids, and we’re pleased with the results. It’s easy to keep working hard when we see our kids with special needs thrive and grow right before our eyes. Come visit and see for yourself!