Physical / Social

One huge benefit of The Kidz Club is the opportunity for social and psychological growth. A child’s day at The Kidz Club is filled with friends. They play, learn together, and just have fun. Parents are pleased to see their child’s social skills increase when they start attending The Kidz Club. The children learn to get along; they learn from each other; they come to know they aren’t alone. The Kidz Club quickly feels like a special place where they belong.

Many children who now enjoy a day at The Kidz Club filled with friends and physical activities lived an isolated life prior to joining our program. Their socialization was a visit from a private duty nurse and family. When they spend their day at The Kidz Club they are with their peers learning in the classroom, making music and playing games indoors and out.

The Kidz Club staff knows that therapy is key to your child’s overall progress. Our on-site therapy is convenient for the parents and helps your child grow stronger and more independent. Therapy follow-through, disguised as play, accelerates the benefits of therapy.