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Here’s a list of resources in Florida that offer help

Here are resources that offer help

The Kidz Club knows your family and your time are precious. Here is a list of links to resources to help you find agencies and services that may enhance your family’s peace-of-mind and well-being. The Kidz Club provides these resource links as a courtesy, and in no way endorses or recommends any companies, agencies or providers of services or supplies.

This resources list is a quick reference guide and in no way is a compilation of all available resources. If you have any questions, please call us at (727) 821–KIDZ (5439) and we’ll do our best to help!

General Resources

Advocacy and Legal Rights

Blindness and Visual Impairments

Brain Injury

Cerebral Palsy


Communication Disorders


Deafness and Hearing Impairments

Developmental Disabilities

Down Syndrome






Independent Living

Learning Disabilities

Lou Gehrig’s Diesease

Mental Illness

Multi-Service Agencies

Multiple Sclerosis

Neuro-Muscular Disorders


Respite Services

Spina Bifida

Sports and Recreation

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