What people say about The Kidz Club

What parents like about The Kidz Club

We’re always pleased when parents send us comments. Often, we hear how The Kidz Club gives parents of children with special needs valuable peace of mind.

Here are some of the recent comments we’ve received

Sharon Huddleston – Mother

“My name is Sharon Huddleston, my daughter, Angeleah was with your staff for three wonderful years. I cannot express my gratitude to you and your outstanding staff. My daughter was cared for in such a loving, warm, caring environment.

During these years I have been able to move from a life of welfare and food stamps to having two college degrees. This would never have been possible without your staff. Thank you for allowing me to better my life and provide my child with a bright future. I could never have left my 24 weeker with anyone else.”

Jenny Brown – Mother

“Kidz Club Staff:

Thank you all so much for taking so much love and care of Christian while in the center.

You guys have been an unbelievable blessing allowing him to come, it has allowed me to work and know he was in good, safe hands. – Thanks a bunch !!”

Donna Bailey – Mother

“It’s been the best thing that ever happened to Travis.”

Charlene Dreher – Director, Case Management Department

“This program provides a significant financial advantage as an alternative to the most costly Private Duty Nursing or institutionalization that many of these children would otherwise require.

And although the financial aspect is important, equally important are the social aspects. In a daycare center such as The Kidz Club, these children are able to interact with other children; in other words they are introduced into the real world. It also provides the opportunity for other children, at an early age, to learn about and accept special needs children as they would any other child. What a wonderful opportunity to eliminate prejudices before they start!”

Dana Bowling – Mother

(from a personal letter to The Kidz Club)
“This program has allowed me to return to work and know that qualified individuals are caring for my daughter. They allow mothers in my position the ability to better themselves by returning to work. My life would not be the same as it is today without The Kidz Club.”

George E. Smith – Father

“Then we heard of The Kidz Club….Calling them a ‘life saver’ might be a slight exaggeration – but, not much of one. They certainly have been a ‘family saver,’ a ‘home saver,’ an ‘ulcer saver’ and most of all a ‘job saver’ for my wife.

The amount of money they have saved us in medical bills that have been avoided cannot truly be measured. I have included copies of what we spent prior to Nathan going to The Kidz Club, and what we have incurred since that time. There are monitoring activities that continue on Nathan, but the hospital expenses for emergency room visits and radical care have been virtually eliminated. The Kidz Club is having a tremendously positive effect upon our family, and I believe on our community. They provide a needed service to the community which should more than pay for itself in the future.”