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Growing and learning together at The Kidz Club!

What we are

The Kidz Club is a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) program. PPEC is a day treatment program that provides quality skilled nursing care, education, and custodial needs for children 6 weeks to 20 years of age. In simpler terms, we are a nurse-staffed medical daycare for children with special needs who cannot attend a typical daycare.

How The Kidz Club program works

Children with a medical diagnosis are admitted to the Kidz Club through a referral process. The process starts by contacting The Kidz Club directly. The most effective means of contact is by calling our referral number at (888)-902-5439. The call is free. Contact can also be made by calling The Kidz Club center nearest you. See the”Our Centers” page on this website. Referrals can come from a variety of sources (please make sure you are calling on the behalf of the child’s family)

  • Parent/guardian
  • Hospital Discharge Planner
  • Primary Care Physician/Specialist
  • Social worker
  • Associations

Once contact is made, a nurse will schedule an initial assessment (IA) with you and your child. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your child’s needs and ensure that The Kidz Club is the right fit for your child. There is no charge for the IA. Most people have busy schedules and constraints on their time. We’ll work around your schedule and even come to your home if necessary. We would prefer, however that you come to our center so that you can see the facility and meet the caregivers who will be working with your child. We’re very confident that you’ll be impressed.

With the information we gathered from the IA and consultations with your child’s doctor an individual Plan Of Care will be mapped out for your child’s stay at The Kidz Club. All medical, therapeutic and nutritional needs will be listed, followed, and checked on a daily basis. Your child’s Plan will be reviewed at least 4 times annually.

How we help families

The Kidz Club program strengthens the entire family through education, advocacy, and most importantly peace of mind. Parents can return to work or school knowing that their child is being cared for and safe. This was well stated by a parent of a child at The Kidz Club; “When our child started getting care at The Kidz Club, it felt like we all got our lives back on track”.

Mad dashes to the hospital or school worrying about your child and time lost at work are now a thing of the past as our nurses can usually spot and head off most critical situations.

While The Kidz Club is setup as a full time daycare, we do offer alternative programs. During the school year children can attend The Kidz Club before and after classes. We also offer some respite care for special events like, “parents night out”. Either way families know that The Kidz Club will be there for your child allowing you to schedule your week.

The Kidz Club is more than medical care

One huge benefit of The Kidz Club is the opportunity for social and psychological growth. A child’s day at The Kidz Club is filled with friends. They play, learn together, and just have fun. Parents are pleased to see their child’s social skills increase when they start attending The Kidz Club. The children learn to get along; they learn from each other; they come to know they aren’t alone. The Kidz Club quickly feels like a special place where they belong.

State oversight

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care is a state regulated service in both Kentucky and Florida. All PPECs must obtain a license from the state before opening. Having been the state’s first PPEC in Kentucky, The Kidz Club helped formulate and set high standards for all medical daycare programs.

The state’s Office of Inspector General visits each center randomly at least one time per calendar year. Our doors are always open and we welcome inspection by the state regulators. We also encourage parents to visit our centers at any time and check out our operations and ensure that their child is getting the treatment he/she needs.. We are proud of what we have built.

The Kidz Club team of professionals

The Kidz Club employs a staff of caring professionals. We strive to make The Kidz Club a good place to work, because we believe a happy staff provides better care for the children. Many of our employees have been with us for over ten years, and we’re very please that a number of members of The Kidz Club team have been with us since the very first day we opened our doors in 1999!

Our degreed and state-certified nurses are highly motivated, and many of them independently continue higher education. Additionally, we provide ongoing training at all centers known as “Skills Day”. These Skills Day Seminars keep our staff up-to-date on new treatments and introduce them to any new technologies and therapeutic regimens for the care of children who are medically complex.

Nurses’ and Caregivers’ specialties at The Kidz Clubs include:

  • Nurses – LN, RN, BSN, MSN
  • Nursing Assistants – SRNA, CNA
  • Teachers – IECE (Kentucky), BA, MA
  • Caregivers

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